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creating societal value through supply chain innovation 

The Hall Partners Purpose

Focused on two foundational principles 

Our drive is to harness the power of sustainable supply chains


Business needs to transform itself and achieve financial success by serving society’s vital needs


Supply chain innovation can be a powerful means for value creation through resilience, transparency, and regenerative growth

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Delivering Value to Our Clients

Who we help

How we help

Large firms seeking disruption through new technologies and business models

Small and mid-size businesses pursuing resilience, rapid response, and sustainable growth

Startups requiring business acceleration

Buy-side investors needing guidance on strategic and operational attributes

Civil society and public sector entities striving to build ecosystems of shared value

Engage thought-leaders and experts so as to coalesce initiatives toward breakthrough directions; in so doing, prompt funding opportunities, business affiliations, and new market growth

Offer unique and insightful perspectives that challenge investors, business executives, government officials, and community leaders to see things differently

Rally diverse teams around collectively powerful goals

Convey concepts, viewpoints, and recommendations via clear, concise, and emotive messaging

The Business Transformation Imperative

Emerging forces are shaping the business world:

  • Megatrends — climate change, resource scarcity, social inequity, and urban congestion and decay

  • Innovation — circular economy, digitalization, crowdsourcing, sharing economy, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, data analytics 

  • Corporate transformation — business must reshape itself and manifest broad ecosystems of public, private, and civil society to solve the world's problems


Supply chain practitioners are being challenged to address these forces head on— mitigating risk, creating resilience, fostering growth through new business models, and helping firms create a sustainable competitive advantage

Business can lead the way, but only by sculpting together societally-driven strategies, pragmatic technologies, and inclusive governance

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Bill Hall


Bill founded Hall Partners LLC after more than three decades of extensive experience in the automotive sector.  Bill employs innovative business practices as an advocate for societal value creation, human rights preservation, and environmental stewardship.  


Bill previously worked for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (formerly Chrysler Corporation and DaimlerChrysler) and General Motors, where his responsibilities included supply chain management, sustainability, purchasing, product development, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and human resources.  


Bill earned a Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan.  He serves on multiple nonprofit and academic boards.

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